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I have had a week off, Mike and I had a friend’s wedding in Italy and we decided to make it into a roadtrip holiday. Last year we also did a roadtrip and it was amazing, so we were ready for another roadtrip adventure this time in Italy! We left the 9th of June and drove to Colle Val D’elsa in Tuscany which was a long ride of 16 hours and 15 minutes. We booked a cute Bed&Breakfast near the location of the wedding the next day. For the red wine lovers amongst us the wedding was in Chianti in Castellina, Chianti is famous for its delicious red wine. It was the first time for us in Tuscany, a dream come true because I always wanted to go there. The best way to describe Tuscany in three words are hills, orange houses and food. Whilst we were in Tuscany we visited Sienna and it was amazing, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. We had a nice dinner on the big ‘piazza’ or square as we say and ate huge icecreams and I felt like a real Italian for a minute. After two days it was time to go to our next destination: Rome.



We had a little bit of bad luck because we had a flat tire so we arrived at Rome a few hours later than planned. As soon as we landed at our Bungalow in a nice Bungalowpark in Rome we took the bus and metro to get to the heart of the city to get some dinner. Funny fact, when we were walking in Rome I thought that I saw the Pantheon, I took some photo’s and was pretty exited. After 200 meters of walking away from what I thought was the Pantheon was the real one, looking 10 times better than the ‘other Pantheon’. Make sure you know your statues everyone! We had a nice dinner in one of the streets full of restaurants around the Pantheon, we ate pasta carbonara which comes originally from Rome so we had to eat it whilst we were in Rome. The next day we had a full day in Rome, we were destined to see everything and we only had one day left. The good thing in Rome is that everything is within a walking distance from eachother. If you have the possibility to rent a bike do so, but I can recommend walking around Rome too! We did saw almost everyhting, we walked straight on for nine hours and then we went home.

Some of the highlights we saw
1. Pantheon
2. Collosseum (and went inside)
3. Forum Romanum (amazing and huge)
4. Spanish steps
5. Piazza Navona (nice artists around!)
6. Vatican city (only the outside because it was closed)
7. San Angelo church (Angels & Demons film)

Vatican city


After a few busy days it was time to drive to the beach (Piombino) and do some relaxing. Ofcourse always when we want to relax we cannot. As soon as we arrived in our appartement we made plans to go to Elba, on of the islands of Italy the next day. There was a nice restaurant on the beach close to our appartment where we ate for two nights in a row. It was amazing and I will insert some photo’s down below. We had a nice day at Elba and enjoyed our last day of our holiday, we stayed at Sansone beach apparently one of the nicest beaches in Elba and had some good fun!




I hope you enjoyed my travel diary and I would love to hear about your holiday plans for this summer! With love, Irina ♡

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