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As I told you in my previous blogpost I went to Luxembourg last week for a study trip.
I went from Wednesday the 3rd of June until Friday the 5th. We left very early on Wednesday morning from Leiden Centraal to go to Luxembourg by train. It was a 6 hour train journey to get there. Normally when you go on holiday to France or anywhere else in Europe, Luxembourg is the country where you stop to refuel your car (because of cheap petrol) but I never went to Luxembourg to actually stay on holiday. When we arrived I didn’t know what to expect, but wat a surprise, Luxembourg is beautiful! Luxembourg is a very small but beautiful country, I compare it with Monaco it looks pretty much the same only without the sea! Luxembourg city is build around a valley, walls are surrounding the city and the houses are in the valley. Since luxembourg city has expanded there are also houses around the walls and there is an area up the hill where some of the European Institutions are build together with for example the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.


Luxembourg has a great variety of bars and restaurants, going out is fun! Luxembourg also has an awesome shopping area, it is not really big but they do have all the shops you need. They have a Sephora so that is enough ladies, we are happy already.

European Investment Bank

When in Luxembourg we visited two European Institutions, the European Investment Bank and the European Court of Auditors. The European Investment Bank does what the name tells you already, it invests in projects (not member states) in Europe to keep the economy going. The European Court of Auditors audits of the money of the European budget is well spend. The European Court of Auditors is kind of the administrative body of Europe. We also visited the Ducth Ambassy in Luxembourg, we were able to meet the Ambassador at his residence which was amazing. WHAT A HOUSE, we felt like princesses and princes and drunk champagne while having a stroll around the garden.


We also visited the casemates in Luxembourg, these are the tunnels build in the walls to protect the city. I insert a picture here so you have a slight idea! If you want to visit Europe, definitely check out Luxembourg too!


Hope you enjoyed the blog! Have a great day, with love Irina

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