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Its been a while since I gave you an update about our travels. Mike and I are currently working for KiteWorldWide in Dakhla, in Morocco as kitesurf instructors/ guides. Dakhla lies in the midst of the Western Sahara which is particularly a kind of ‘no-mans-land’. We started working here since the end of March. We will stay here until the 31th of July and then we will travel through Morocco for a while and end up in Tarifa for holidays. The most asked question Mike and I get is if we do not get bored of living in the desert. The answer is no, the desert is beautiful more then I could ever imagine. The wind is blowing almost every day so if we get the change we will be on the water ourselves or teaching the whole day! Also the group we get in the camp is changing every week, meeting new people and talking to people is a thing we really like. These things keep our work interesting and diverse. In May we were home for one week for two weddings of our friends. Because we are home every 2/3 months we are not homesick as well. Of course we miss our friends & family but a few months pass by so fast every time!

The 31th of July Mike and I will start on our journey through Morocco, we will fly from Dakhla to Agadir. We will stay 8 nights in the Lunar Surfhouse where we will celebrate my 26th birthday (CRAZY EXCITED!). My 25th was so amazing, I had the chance to fulfill one of my dreams which I was dreaming of since I was 13! I cannot wait what my 26th year will bring me! After our surf/yoga experience at the Lunar Surfhouse we will arrive in Marrakech for a ‘thousand-and-one-night‘ experience. After our trip in Marrakech we have a few days for which we did not plan anything. Mike and I would love to ride a camel in the desert and hike the Atlas Mountains around Marrakech, so we probably will end up doing that! Then it is time for us to leave Morocco/Africa for a while. We decided that our next adventure will be out of Africa, it is time to explore other continents and cultures. We will travel via Tanger with the ferry to Tarifa and kite there for one week, and finally eat something else then tajine. Say yes to a lot of tapas and our favorite drink: SANGRIA. We will celebrate Mikes’ birthday there. So long for keeping up with our tradition to celebrate our birthdays on holiday :).

The 22th of August we will be in the Netherlands again, one of my good friends is marrying then. These are things you do not want to miss out on. Even not when travelling the world. Because it is summer as well in the Netherlands we decided to stay in the Netherlands for a few weeks to enjoy the love&happiness of our family & friends. We will travel from the end of September on again. The good thing is we have not planned any of it yet. Looking forward to where our future travel plans will take us. For now we are really enjoying our time in Dakhla teaching, talking with a lot of people & enjoying our time together. It is truly great to spent so much time together. Maybe it looks scary to you to work and live together with your partner, (we do it now for 6 months) and it is a really good experience. Anyone who can keep up with me for so long is a keeper.

If you are in to kitesurfing I would highly recommend going to Dakhla once in your life. It is a great lagoon to learn, but also a great spot to progress if you can kite already. The whole atmosphere is perfect, everyone comes to Dakhla to kite, there is not much to take your attention of kiting. Not to forget the spot has 11 months of wind a year.. The best period is from mid-May until the end of October. January is the off-season, for the rest of the months you have to be lucky the wind is there half of the time, which is still more than at other spots. In short Dakhla is great.

Kitesurfing in Dakhla

We will enjoy our lost 50 nights in Dakhla & our travels in Morocco & Tarifa. We will keep you updated about our travels and for our plans in the future.

If you have any questions about our travels put them in the comments down below.
We are so grateful for this trip and spending so much time in and on the water, it is one of the best experiences we ever had and we get to enjoy it together. <3

With love,


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