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I wanted to write an article about FOMO (fear of missing out) but yesterday I went kiting and decided that I wanted to write about that today. The past month have been very busy with school and social life, which is awesome ofcourse but sometimes you forget to take time for yourself. So yesterday we decided to pack up our kite gear and drive to the south of the Netherlands to a place called Ouddorp to go kiting with our friends. For the people who don’t know I used to live around that area in the Netherlands but I moved to the Hague (Den Haag) for my study in Leiden.


It always feels so good to be back on the beach at Ouddorp, it literally feels like coming home. And that was exactly what we needed, a time out! And that was the reason I wanted to write this blogpost. Don’t forget to take time for yourself people. If you feel stressed and everything is tense don’t hestitate to take a time out. Only if it is for a day, do what you love! This can be everything, for me it is kiting but I also love a good day of bingewatching a serie on Netflix. It was a month, yes a whole month ago that I last went kiting and it was amazing to go again yesterday. There was that moment that I went out onto the sea and sunk so deep in my thoughts that all of a sudden I had to remember myself to turn around whilst I was already far out on the sea. For me water soothes my soul, and to go kiting with such amazing people and my boyfriend around me is just THE best. What does work for you? What is your happy place and time? Im curious and by commenting on this post we can all share ideas and thoughts on how to, and how we relax. I am looking forward to read them! For now I inserted some pictures of yesterdays session.

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High five in your face 28-04-2015

mike whacko 2crashes do happen, this was a good close-up of on of Mike’s crashes.

Jump 1I hope you have a good day everyone, with love Irina

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