Hello everyone,

In this blogpost I wanted to write about how to make a date night fun!
Sometimes it can be hard what to choose, going out and do fun stuff, or stay inside and chill out. If you decide to stay inside I have a tip to make your date at home a success. Whether if it is your first date or with your boyfriend or your husband this idea will suit all couples or dates. Cooking toghether gives a topic to talk about if it is your first date. What kind of food do you like? Do you cook often? Are questions you could ask to break the ice. My tip to make a ”stay in” date night fun is to make pizza! My boyfriend and I do love the Italian kitchen especially pizza and pasta. Making pizza ourselves is kind of tradition because my mom always makes pizza herself, and it was always a feast at home since I was little. The making process together is so much fun. Flipping the dough in the air, throwing all the food you like onto the pizza it will definitely make your date a success.

Don’t forget girls, pizza making can get quite messy. Ofcourse you want to look beautiful for your date but put on some nice casual clothing which still looks good when messy! If you can’t have fun because your new expensive dress gets dirty it will ruin the date. Have fun, be yourself and you will be gorgeous naturally. It will make him fall for you, if not then he is just not the right type for you. But al least you have a good pizza to eat after to soothe the idea that this date will not turn into your future husband.

Hereby I insert a picture of the pizza we made last week.

IMG_20150404_202520 (1) IMG_20150404_202808 (2)

Good luck with baking people & enjoy your date night.

With love, Irina

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