Hello everyone,

Disclaimer: I do not write this post to say that people need to be skinny or should be losing weight. It is just that I adjust my food in order not to gain weight when I don’t have time to work out. Everyone is beautiful and it is just about the feeling you should have in your skin. Never judge others on their weight.

Since last year I kind of have been stuck with my ass on a chair to study, study and do some more studying. All my life I have been pretty sporty except from the period when I was 15 until 16 when I was a rebel teenager and found boys more interesting than working out. But for the rest of the time I was horseriding, for 15 years more than twice a week at least. After horseriding I discovered surfing from the age of 17, and I started kitesurfing when I was 20. Now, the last 3 months escpecially have been very sportless, and I don’t like that. Working out makes you happy, fit, feeling better in your skin and more energetic and I must admit I miss that feeling. Because I do not have time to work out in the coming weeks either because of my thesis writing process (which goes very slow) I thought I should plan my meals so that I don’t ‘over’ eat when I am not excercising. So Mike and I went onto the bodyenfitshop website and ordered some healthy stuff.


To start off we bought some healthy bread spreads, you know we as Dutch people love our bread and cheese, but it is not the most healthy option everyday. We also bought some superfood meusli, you don’t need much you will feel very full after I promise! And some superfood rice crackers they always come in handy when you need a snack.

We bought some vitamin pills for men and for women cause you know, we are getting older too, and we need those vitamins! Then I also got, and that is where I am the most exited about, the smart protein powder to make shakes! This powder can replace one of your meals during the day. It has all the important stuff your body needs but not the calories. This powder is what I use to stay the same weight as I am right now. The shakes make you feel full, so you can survive the afternoon without cravings for snacks.


The good thing about the Body & Fit shop is that over a certain amount of money I think 30 euro you get some free gifts. This time we got pancake mix and a pink shaker bottle which I am obsessed with. For if you don’t know pink is my favorite colour.

Have a wonderful day everybody, and be sportive!

With love Irina♡

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