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We are in those days, THE days before summer.. Before we have to jump in our bikini’s or boardshort for the guys amongst us. The last three summers I was a kitesurf instructor, so I didn’t had to think about what to eat or when to sport because I was active whole day long! But in the winter when the days are too cold to surf, or I just don’t have the time because of school, I need to find different ways to stay active.

My current workout routine consists of two workouts per week. Nothing too crazy but I notice that they are effective. Once, sometimes twice a week I go swimming in an indoor swimming pool. I swim for around 45 minutes and reach the 1,5 kilometers. Fact, for every minute you swim you burn 10 calories, and it is a great totall body workout! The other workout I do once a week is running. I really struggle everytime to go out and go running, this because I do not like it that much. But running is effective, and since I live by the sea running along the coastline isn’t that bad. Everytime I run I go for 5 kilometers in 30 minutes, that counts for an average of 360 calories. Now I know it isn’t about counting calories but I just want to give an example! Ofcourse eating healthy and proportionate and resting is really important too!!  And when school is getting a little bit less time consuming and the weather is becoming better I will be back on the water everyday the wind blows. So then I will switch from this routine to my happy mermaid kiting routine. Kitesurfing is a really good totall body workout and it also clears your mind. Let it be a thing on your bucket list!


It is good to find a sport, workout or exercise you like. If swimming or running is not your thing then all is fine! Most important is to enjoy your workout and workout area (like running by the sea is my thing, but running on concrete not really). Or find yourself someone to workout with! Another tip is to set a goal for yourself, if you want to accomplish a goal set by yourself and you have the willpower then GO and be active! For example if you want to run 15 kilometers once in your life then do it!


I am curious for your workout routines! Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and receive a notification everytime I upload a blogpost!

Have a nice workout, with love Irina.

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