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Luxembourg trip

Hello everyone!

As I told you in my previous blogpost I went to Luxembourg last week for a study trip.
I went from Wednesday the 3rd of June until Friday the 5th. We left very early on Wednesday morning from Leiden Centraal to go to Luxembourg by train. It was a 6 hour train journey to get there. Normally when you go on holiday to France or anywhere else in Europe, Luxembourg is the country where you stop to refuel your car (because of cheap petrol) but I never went to Luxembourg to actually stay on holiday. When we arrived I didn’t know what to expect, but wat a surprise, Luxembourg is beautiful! Luxembourg is a very small but beautiful country, I compare it with Monaco it looks pretty much the same only without the sea! Luxembourg city is build around a valley, walls are surrounding the city and the houses are in the valley. Since luxembourg city has expanded there are also houses around the walls and there is an area up the hill where some of the European Institutions are build together with for example the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg.


Luxembourg has a great variety of bars and restaurants, going out is fun! Luxembourg also has an awesome shopping area, it is not really big but they do have all the shops you need. They have a Sephora so that is enough ladies, we are happy already.

European Investment Bank

When in Luxembourg we visited two European Institutions, the European Investment Bank and the European Court of Auditors. The European Investment Bank does what the name tells you already, it invests in projects (not member states) in Europe to keep the economy going. The European Court of Auditors audits of the money of the European budget is well spend. The European Court of Auditors is kind of the administrative body of Europe. We also visited the Ducth Ambassy in Luxembourg, we were able to meet the Ambassador at his residence which was amazing. WHAT A HOUSE, we felt like princesses and princes and drunk champagne while having a stroll around the garden.


We also visited the casemates in Luxembourg, these are the tunnels build in the walls to protect the city. I insert a picture here so you have a slight idea! If you want to visit Europe, definitely check out Luxembourg too!


Hope you enjoyed the blog! Have a great day, with love Irina

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SurfGirl BeachBoutique Haul

Hello everyone,

In my last blogpost I already mentioned the SurfGirl website, on that website they also have a BeachBoutique. I ordered two things of the website and I wanted to share them with you in this blogpost!

The first Item I bought is the SurfGirl journal. As a blogger you know I love to write, but for every other person this journal can be very interesting too. The cover looks amazing, you also get a customized pen together with the journal. In the journal are some nice quotes, pages to take notes, space for contacts and adresses, baking tips and guidelines to get in perfect surf shape. The journal is perfect to bring with you when you are travelling. I highly recommend this journal for everyone who has dreams and loves to write them down, and to write in general. The size of the journal is also perfect to bring with you in your backpack or suitcase. Lets go writing on the road girls!

surfgirl journal


The BeachBoutique does also sell clothing. I saw a particular sweather and I was sold. The colour range of the clothes does not vary that much but once the sweather arrived the colours look fine! Also the quality of the sweather is amazing, the inside is fleece, perfect to keep you warm after a nice sunset surf session. The text on the sweaher says: Eat, sleep, surf, repeat! Well don’t we all want that?!

eat sleep surf repeat

I hope you all have an amazing week!
With love, Irina ♡

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My home away from home

Hello everyone,

First of all my apologies for the wait. I have been in France preparing my cousins wedding so there was some time in between blog posts. The place we went to in France is Sommant, it is a place in the middle of nowhere in the Bourgogne. You can compare it with travelling back in time, the houses, the streets, everything is old fashioned and looks like a ghost town, but a pretty one. My family and I have come to this place for more then 15 times already. We always camp on the grass fields of Chateau de Valogne. I will insert pictures of the castle below. The cool thing is that there is nothing in the neigbourhood at all. As kids we always played hide and seek around the castle, made a swing in the trees, build a dam in the small rivers around the campside and we made long walks and horse rides in the mountains. In the evening we ate marshmallows around the campfire and that was pretty much our holiday. Perfect times! Chateau de Valogne is my home away from home.

This place is so special for our family that my cousin decided to keep her wedding party at the castle. In July family and friends will all go to France, stay in the castle and on the camping and celebrate the wedding. Last weekend we went to prepare the last things like ordering the wedding cake, find a hotel for the wedding night, we had the rehearsal dinner and we found the perfect chappel to keep the wedding ceremony in. I must say that it was a really good training for me to speak French! In such small towns in the mountains hardly anyone speaks English. It was an amazing weekend and I wanted to share some pictures with you! Sorry for the late post but really there is no internet at all. Which was very relaxing on the other hand, time to reflect and relax is always a good thing. Enjoy the sunny weather outside today!







With love, Irina

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The Bucket list

Hello everyone,

Today is a good day to write down your bucket list. That is already the first step to start with. Everyone has that one thing that he or she wants to do but never really actually does. It is always in your mind, so to start off write it down! If you don’t have anything you can think of what you want to try or do before you die, you sure have after you read this post! I will also provide you with a list of my ‘must does before I can’t anymore’. A bucket list is something where you can go all out of your comfort zone. To do the crazy, memorable, beautiful things in life alone or with somebody else. Don’t think I can’t, or that will never happen, a positive mindset is the way to start. IMG_20150320_134033

My bucket list in a random order, because I love it all!

1. Buy an old car, preferably a Volkswagen campervan.
2. Worldtrip, where I get really lost in nature & sea (next year!!)
3. Write a book
4. Start a blog
5. Run a race, for which you actually get a medal at the end. (Maybe a 15 km one day?)
6. Visit all the Northern Islands of the Netherlands
7. To actually speak French fluent, not as crappy as I do now.
8. To teach at a school, english, history or geography
9. To do voluntary work in Africa, by building schools or houses for example
10. Skydiving
11. Open a Bed&Breakfast

I can go on and on, but this is just an example. To learn a new sport; to learn a new language; go to new places; everything can be on your bucket list. But make sure to make a difference between items that are on your bucket list and between an ideal that you have or how you want your future to look like. Bucket list items are more things that you want to do not about what you want your life to look like. If you are scared to do things alone, you can always ask somebody else to join you on your bucket list items and share the fun. Everytime something pops up in your head that you really want to do in life, just write it down! In the picture above you can see my ”bucket list book” wherein all my items are written down. Have a nice weekend and start working on your bucket list!

Leave me a comment below about what is on your bucket list.

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With love, Irina

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