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Insurgent film and real life

Hello everyone,

I was so excited Insurgent was out in the theaters, so the first night I had free time I went straight to the theater to wacht it. I was already a huge fun of divergent. Normally I am not an action film type of girl but lately with the Hunger games series, the Maze runner series and the Divergent series I’m all into action films. But last night Insurgent kept me thinking about life. If you do not know about the series I will give you a short summary. Basicly the characters live in a designed world where at age sixteen they have to choose a faction. There are five factions, Abnegation for the selfless; Amity for the peaceful; Candor for the honest; Dauntless for the brave and Eridute for the intellectual. There are also factionless people, they do not belong to any of the factions above.Then there is Tris she is divergent, she does belong to all factions. But when people (Eridute) finds out that someone is divergent they will haunt them down. So Tris hides the fact that she is divergent and joins Dauntless..

Back to my story, Insurgent the second film of the Divergent series is about the divergents standing up to Eridute who say that divergents are a threat to society. I will not go further into detail because I do not want to spoil the film. But the film gave a good overview of the factions and it looked really similar to real life. In real life at the age 20 – 25 we are supposed to choose our future jobs/career path. This can be formed by the study we chose or the things we aspire and our character. For Dauntless we have our armed forces, Amity for human rights and freedom speakers, for Eridute we have the people who study endlessly and work in business, Candor for our law making bodies and courts, and Abnigation for nurses and people in the hospitals and schools. I just give an example here, I do not want to stigmatize any jobs or say that one faction is better then another. Because in real life we need every of the above characters as I say it. Without people in the hospital we will not survive illness, without people in the court there will be no justice and so on.

At last we have the factionless, and this is wat we are all scared for in life, that we don’t fit in. I tried to fit myself into a faction, just to see where I would fit in the most. It would definitely not fit in Dauntless I am scared of too much things. It wouldn’t be in Abnegation, I am more on the Amity side. Family and friends are really important to me, if they have something I would and wish that I could do someting to help them. But Erudite also intrigues me because I like to study (but I don’t like exams!). But the people in Erudite in the film are not so nice so I will hold on to Amity.

To wrap it up, the film captures the struggles of growing up and making life choices. Which faction, which career in life are you going to choose? I have a strong feeling against that and I am all for exploring what you want in life and going through different phases in life. But I do need to say that you should take responsibility for your future and it does not come with the wind so fight for it yourself! Just like Tris, and do that with the people you love around you. They make life so much easier.

GO WATCH THE FILM! You will be blown away.

With love, Irina.

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The Bucket list

Hello everyone,

Today is a good day to write down your bucket list. That is already the first step to start with. Everyone has that one thing that he or she wants to do but never really actually does. It is always in your mind, so to start off write it down! If you don’t have anything you can think of what you want to try or do before you die, you sure have after you read this post! I will also provide you with a list of my ‘must does before I can’t anymore’. A bucket list is something where you can go all out of your comfort zone. To do the crazy, memorable, beautiful things in life alone or with somebody else. Don’t think I can’t, or that will never happen, a positive mindset is the way to start. IMG_20150320_134033

My bucket list in a random order, because I love it all!

1. Buy an old car, preferably a Volkswagen campervan.
2. Worldtrip, where I get really lost in nature & sea (next year!!)
3. Write a book
4. Start a blog
5. Run a race, for which you actually get a medal at the end. (Maybe a 15 km one day?)
6. Visit all the Northern Islands of the Netherlands
7. To actually speak French fluent, not as crappy as I do now.
8. To teach at a school, english, history or geography
9. To do voluntary work in Africa, by building schools or houses for example
10. Skydiving
11. Open a Bed&Breakfast

I can go on and on, but this is just an example. To learn a new sport; to learn a new language; go to new places; everything can be on your bucket list. But make sure to make a difference between items that are on your bucket list and between an ideal that you have or how you want your future to look like. Bucket list items are more things that you want to do not about what you want your life to look like. If you are scared to do things alone, you can always ask somebody else to join you on your bucket list items and share the fun. Everytime something pops up in your head that you really want to do in life, just write it down! In the picture above you can see my ”bucket list book” wherein all my items are written down. Have a nice weekend and start working on your bucket list!

Leave me a comment below about what is on your bucket list.

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With love, Irina

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