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SurfGirl BeachBoutique Haul

Hello everyone,

In my last blogpost I already mentioned the SurfGirl website, on that website they also have a BeachBoutique. I ordered two things of the website and I wanted to share them with you in this blogpost!

The first Item I bought is the SurfGirl journal. As a blogger you know I love to write, but for every other person this journal can be very interesting too. The cover looks amazing, you also get a customized pen together with the journal. In the journal are some nice quotes, pages to take notes, space for contacts and adresses, baking tips and guidelines to get in perfect surf shape. The journal is perfect to bring with you when you are travelling. I highly recommend this journal for everyone who has dreams and loves to write them down, and to write in general. The size of the journal is also perfect to bring with you in your backpack or suitcase. Lets go writing on the road girls!

surfgirl journal


The BeachBoutique does also sell clothing. I saw a particular sweather and I was sold. The colour range of the clothes does not vary that much but once the sweather arrived the colours look fine! Also the quality of the sweather is amazing, the inside is fleece, perfect to keep you warm after a nice sunset surf session. The text on the sweaher says: Eat, sleep, surf, repeat! Well don’t we all want that?!

eat sleep surf repeat

I hope you all have an amazing week!
With love, Irina ♡

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Websites to wander around on

Hello everyone,

For everyone who needs a 15 minutes break during work, schoolwork or in general I have some websites on which you can wander around on and forget that you have soo much to do still.

Ofcourse we all know ASOS, but have you discovered there daily news feed on their website already? Click on this link to go to Asos daily news edit to discover all the ins and outs on fashion. You also get some ins and outs about what the celebs wear to events, the latest trends and the no-goes.

Did you always wanted that leather fringe jacket or a perfect chair and you couldn’t find it? Etsy is the place for everything and everyone. It is basically a huge marketplace, the good thing is the people or companies mostly ship worldwide. Another bonus is that most of the stuff is unique, that way you always buy something special. Just type in the search bar what you are looking for and there it is! Etsy is really everything you have ever wanted. Click here to go to the Etsy website!

For all the surfergirls out there you should take a look on the SurfGirl magazine website. It is really amazing. From information about the best festivals, travel stories, fitness to ofcourse a lot of surfstories and anything surf related! The websites hosts also a wide range of inspiring videos to watch. The magazine also has an online shop called SurfGirl Beach Boutique. Girls while on there keep an eye on your wallet!

Free people is a shop who sells bohemian clothing, but the clothes are so wavy and creamy that you instantly see yourself wearing those kaftans on a beach somewhere! I don’t really buy stuff from the website, but the website counts for me as a huge inspiration for my style.

At last I wanted to conclude with a short film from the Stradivarius website. They make such inspiring videos in order to show their collection. Make sure you check out the:

Enjoy your day everyone and make it a productive one.

With love, Irina

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Water soothes the soul

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write an article about FOMO (fear of missing out) but yesterday I went kiting and decided that I wanted to write about that today. The past month have been very busy with school and social life, which is awesome ofcourse but sometimes you forget to take time for yourself. So yesterday we decided to pack up our kite gear and drive to the south of the Netherlands to a place called Ouddorp to go kiting with our friends. For the people who don’t know I used to live around that area in the Netherlands but I moved to the Hague (Den Haag) for my study in Leiden.


It always feels so good to be back on the beach at Ouddorp, it literally feels like coming home. And that was exactly what we needed, a time out! And that was the reason I wanted to write this blogpost. Don’t forget to take time for yourself people. If you feel stressed and everything is tense don’t hestitate to take a time out. Only if it is for a day, do what you love! This can be everything, for me it is kiting but I also love a good day of bingewatching a serie on Netflix. It was a month, yes a whole month ago that I last went kiting and it was amazing to go again yesterday. There was that moment that I went out onto the sea and sunk so deep in my thoughts that all of a sudden I had to remember myself to turn around whilst I was already far out on the sea. For me water soothes my soul, and to go kiting with such amazing people and my boyfriend around me is just THE best. What does work for you? What is your happy place and time? Im curious and by commenting on this post we can all share ideas and thoughts on how to, and how we relax. I am looking forward to read them! For now I inserted some pictures of yesterdays session.

Jump 4

High five in your face 28-04-2015

mike whacko 2crashes do happen, this was a good close-up of on of Mike’s crashes.

Jump 1I hope you have a good day everyone, with love Irina

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Spring lovin’ TAG

Hello everyone!

Today I thought it was a good day to do a Spring Tag. This basically means that you answer a bunch of questions who are made by someone else. Feel free to do the Tag yourself if you want to! Read all about my Spring essentials below.

1. Spring lipstick you’re loving?
Lately there have been so many new lipstick launches that I became a little bit overwhelmed by all of them. Maybe I will try them out later. For now I stick to one of my all time favourites and that is Chanel Rouge Coco shine in Boy No 54, it is a sheer pink lip colour and the lipstick is very nourishing! For a bright colour I chose Rimmel Londons Heart Breaker in No 16.

2. Spring nail polish you’re loving?
This spring the trend is to wear pastel colours who almost seem to be white. There is a huge rave on the NailsInc New Whites, but those are not available in the drugstores in the Netherlands so I have found some dupes. The Loreal Color Riche in Nouvelle Vague No. 851 is a very nice white purple colour and Rimmel Londons Pillow Talk No. 853 is the perfect minty green white

New white nailpolish

3. Style you’re loving this Spring?
Everything white, or better white and lace. And I am loving crop tops at the moment with high waisted shorts or jeans. Oh, and distressed jeans and fringes. Anything hippy actually, I have always loved this style, so this spring and summer it is time to let the inner hippy out!

4. Favourite Spring Drink?
SANGRIA, for sure for ever and always. Oh and don’t forget to eat the fruit, the alcohol is in there!

5. Favourite holiday place to go to in Spring?
France, I can’t remember not going to France, (Bourgogne) in April. Its just the feeling, the mountains, the grass fields, the red wine and the bagguettes I think.

6. Favourite Spring song?
I am a singer-songwriter softy. If a guitar is involved I love it. But anything rap from Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and urban from Rihanna will put me in a gangster-rides-with-window-open sunny mood.

7. Favourite Spring accessory?
Rings, but I keep losing them so I choose Necklaces. I love this long necklace of WE I bought last year.

Necklace spring accessoires

8. Favourite Spring fragrance/perfume?
Body Shop White Musk in Sun Glow. I love the Musk line of the Body Shop the smell is amazing! I also love Alien from Thierry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium and Belle D’Opium.

9. Spring book you’re loving?
Anything Chick Flick related. I just finished the Summer at the Lake from Erica James. Amazing Book. I love everything Jill Mansell too. When it comes to spring and summer I don’t like to read serious books, I need a book with a romantic swung to it. Like all the books of Nicolas Sparks and they read easily while lying on the beach.

10. What are you most excited to do this Spring?
This spring I will finish my last course at school ever. I am very exited for that, but it is also bittersweet, after this course I will never ever have class again. I am sure going to miss it! I am excited for some more spare time with friends and bonfires and BBQ’s at the beach!

Have a nice day! With love, Irina

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Outfit of the day

hello everyone,

Just a small outfit of the day post in which I wanted to show you my casual black outfit. This outfit is a relaxed one, but you can still look smart enough to go to work in this outfit. Ofcourse, the sun shines and I go for an all black outfit. Not really that smart, next time I promise I will insert an all white outfit. I spiced things up with some golden details with my staple rings and an earcuff. My shoes have some golden details on the buckle too. My dress is from Costes, the dress flows and has longer sleeves. Longer sleeves are perfect for the first sunny evenings in spring. My leather biker jacket is from Zara and my heeled booties with a peeptoe are from H&M. Enjoy Spring lovely people!


IMG_20150414_145212[1]With love, Irina

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My home away from home

Hello everyone,

First of all my apologies for the wait. I have been in France preparing my cousins wedding so there was some time in between blog posts. The place we went to in France is Sommant, it is a place in the middle of nowhere in the Bourgogne. You can compare it with travelling back in time, the houses, the streets, everything is old fashioned and looks like a ghost town, but a pretty one. My family and I have come to this place for more then 15 times already. We always camp on the grass fields of Chateau de Valogne. I will insert pictures of the castle below. The cool thing is that there is nothing in the neigbourhood at all. As kids we always played hide and seek around the castle, made a swing in the trees, build a dam in the small rivers around the campside and we made long walks and horse rides in the mountains. In the evening we ate marshmallows around the campfire and that was pretty much our holiday. Perfect times! Chateau de Valogne is my home away from home.

This place is so special for our family that my cousin decided to keep her wedding party at the castle. In July family and friends will all go to France, stay in the castle and on the camping and celebrate the wedding. Last weekend we went to prepare the last things like ordering the wedding cake, find a hotel for the wedding night, we had the rehearsal dinner and we found the perfect chappel to keep the wedding ceremony in. I must say that it was a really good training for me to speak French! In such small towns in the mountains hardly anyone speaks English. It was an amazing weekend and I wanted to share some pictures with you! Sorry for the late post but really there is no internet at all. Which was very relaxing on the other hand, time to reflect and relax is always a good thing. Enjoy the sunny weather outside today!







With love, Irina

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Date Night

Hello everyone,

In this blogpost I wanted to write about how to make a date night fun!
Sometimes it can be hard what to choose, going out and do fun stuff, or stay inside and chill out. If you decide to stay inside I have a tip to make your date at home a success. Whether if it is your first date or with your boyfriend or your husband this idea will suit all couples or dates. Cooking toghether gives a topic to talk about if it is your first date. What kind of food do you like? Do you cook often? Are questions you could ask to break the ice. My tip to make a ”stay in” date night fun is to make pizza! My boyfriend and I do love the Italian kitchen especially pizza and pasta. Making pizza ourselves is kind of tradition because my mom always makes pizza herself, and it was always a feast at home since I was little. The making process together is so much fun. Flipping the dough in the air, throwing all the food you like onto the pizza it will definitely make your date a success.

Don’t forget girls, pizza making can get quite messy. Ofcourse you want to look beautiful for your date but put on some nice casual clothing which still looks good when messy! If you can’t have fun because your new expensive dress gets dirty it will ruin the date. Have fun, be yourself and you will be gorgeous naturally. It will make him fall for you, if not then he is just not the right type for you. But al least you have a good pizza to eat after to soothe the idea that this date will not turn into your future husband.

Hereby I insert a picture of the pizza we made last week.

IMG_20150404_202520 (1) IMG_20150404_202808 (2)

Good luck with baking people & enjoy your date night.

With love, Irina

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Your Ecological Footprint

Hello everyone,

I got inspired to write a post about our ecological footprint during my environmental policy class last semester. I thought that I was living kind of a ‘green’ lifestyle, leaving the consumption of too many clothing and shopping aside.. Disclaimer; I am not a treehugger grey woolen socks kind of type, but nature is important! I don’t often eat meat or fish, I try to keep it to two times a week. Not because I don’t like it because I basically eat everything except for oysters, but I just feel bad when eating too much. But don’t give me a steak tartare because it will be gone in a second, yam! Further we have a car that does not consume that much petrol and we don’t fly often. So to conclude I thought we were living a good ecological green lifestyle. Until I did the test at WWF called the footpint calculator. The question is, how big is your environmental footprint? Your living habit makes up your footprint. You have to answers questions about food, travel, home and stuff. How often do you travel by car, plain and bus? How many times a week do you eat meat or fish? What is the temparture in your home? Do you have a pet? And there are more…

When you are finished you will see how many ‘earths’ you are using with the lifestyle you currently have. I did mine and I was shocked to say the least. Currently I am using 2.27 earths, and we only have one. It must be that I am an absolute ice queen and the temparture in my house is pleasantly high, maybe if I ever move to the Carribbean my footprint will be lower. I just want to say, DO THE TEST! Its fun, only takes two minutes and you immediatly have some food for thought for the way you live your lifestyle! Love life, love nature.   Click here and do the test!
Leave your result in the comments below if you’d like.

This video is from last Earth Hour 2015, a must watch!

 Good luck, with love Irina



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Last days at Uni & stress how to’s..

Hello everyone,

Currently I am in my last year of university. Like all things the end might seem far away, but two weeks ago it hit me that my days at school are ending really soon. My whole life I have been going to school and now it starts to hit me that after this there will be no time, no school ever again. I first did my bachelor in Law in Rotterdam and by the time my bachelor ended I was 21 and had no clue what to do with my life. So I decided to study again and do a Pre-Master in European Union Studies and the Master afterwards. Why, would you think. Because school felt safe and studying is fun. At school you know what to do and you have your friends around you the whole time. You know when you have an exam and you know what will be expected from you. Now my lasts days at uni are here, (I am 23 now) I want to enjoy every last minute of it. And I know I will because I have to write my thesis so that means spending hours and hours in the library, drinking too much water and eat too much shitty food from the café.

In the meantime I also have to think about the future, that is the thing that scares the shit out of me and my friends. Real life is arriving, what are we going to do after school? Finding a job these days is really hard. Some of us are going to do an internship, some of us want to work. I want to work, I feel like I am ready now. But maybe only because of the fact that me and my boyfriend Mike are going away next year for our long planned world trip. So maybe this year I end up at a job I didn’t study for because in one year we will be gone.. But that is fine! After my world trip though I really want to work!

How to deal with stress?

Studying is fun, I really love it but there are also downsides to it for me. From the age of twelf I started to have hyperventilation ‘attacks’ or ‘moments’. I normally do breathe very fast and when I feel stressed I can end up having a ‘hyper’ moment in which I have pain in my heart and can’t breathe properly. It was in the period when I went to high school. I had anxiety to fail my tests. I know that now, but I didn’t know that at the time. I got into therapy to control my breathing and all was fine after. One tip from me to you is when you expierence stress, find a moment for yourself at one point of the day and just lay down and focus on your breathing. This really helps relieving stress. Because you focus so much on your breathing, your mind has no room to think of anything else and you will calm down. I don’t have hyperventilation that often anymore, maybe once a year now. I feel when it could come and then I try to take a moment and lay down amd the anxiety feeling will be gone before I can start to hyperventilate.

But that doesn’t mean I do not majorly stress out everytime I have an exam. For me it is like running a marathon, and I definitely need a good shower afterwards (TMI). What I now do to stay calm is I use homeopathic medicins that help me stay calm. They are called Valdispert. It has valerian in it. Valerian soothes nerves, calms feelings of agitation, improves the readiness to go to sleep and soothes feelings of anxiety and stress. It is not bad for you and it has no side affects. If you suffer from anxiety, nerves or major stress attacks before an exam I really recommend valerian. It helped for me! Good luck studying and try not to stress out.


Now it is time to study again because one thing deadlines do not do, is wait!

Hope to see you soon on my blog again, with love Irina

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Current workout routine

Hello everyone,

We are in those days, THE days before summer.. Before we have to jump in our bikini’s or boardshort for the guys amongst us. The last three summers I was a kitesurf instructor, so I didn’t had to think about what to eat or when to sport because I was active whole day long! But in the winter when the days are too cold to surf, or I just don’t have the time because of school, I need to find different ways to stay active.

My current workout routine consists of two workouts per week. Nothing too crazy but I notice that they are effective. Once, sometimes twice a week I go swimming in an indoor swimming pool. I swim for around 45 minutes and reach the 1,5 kilometers. Fact, for every minute you swim you burn 10 calories, and it is a great totall body workout! The other workout I do once a week is running. I really struggle everytime to go out and go running, this because I do not like it that much. But running is effective, and since I live by the sea running along the coastline isn’t that bad. Everytime I run I go for 5 kilometers in 30 minutes, that counts for an average of 360 calories. Now I know it isn’t about counting calories but I just want to give an example! Ofcourse eating healthy and proportionate and resting is really important too!!  And when school is getting a little bit less time consuming and the weather is becoming better I will be back on the water everyday the wind blows. So then I will switch from this routine to my happy mermaid kiting routine. Kitesurfing is a really good totall body workout and it also clears your mind. Let it be a thing on your bucket list!


It is good to find a sport, workout or exercise you like. If swimming or running is not your thing then all is fine! Most important is to enjoy your workout and workout area (like running by the sea is my thing, but running on concrete not really). Or find yourself someone to workout with! Another tip is to set a goal for yourself, if you want to accomplish a goal set by yourself and you have the willpower then GO and be active! For example if you want to run 15 kilometers once in your life then do it!


I am curious for your workout routines! Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and receive a notification everytime I upload a blogpost!

Have a nice workout, with love Irina.

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