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New in!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share the stuff that I bought today on my little shopping spree! Some are a repurchase like the Rituals Aftersun and the Body Shop White Musk body mist. They are just the best for sunny days like we have now in the Netherlands. New in are the Body Shop eyecream and Rituals Lipliner.

All the purchases

I  bought a lipliner at the Rituals store. Rituals make up is made of natural ingredients and it is free of animal testing. That is reason enough to buy some of the rituals make up. The lipliner is called arrogant and is a nice ruby red, it stays and does not stray! Yay!

The orange bottle is a Happy Buddha showergel which I got given as a present because I spent over a thirty euros. I had this showergel before and it smells fresh like oranges. Perfect to use for a good wake up call during your morning shower.

I also bought the Body Shop Nutriganics eye cream. I have had the aloe vera eye defence before from the Body Shop but that is more for sensitive skin. When I was teaching kitesurfing all day in the water my skin and my eyes got really sensitive so I used the eye defence. Now I spend most of my days behind the computer and sometimes on the water I do not need the eye defence anymore. The Nutriganics smoothing eye cream is for people in their mid twenties who are starting to get fine lines. This eye cream is there to prevent fine lines and the first symptoms of getting older. The smoothing eye cream is made of 98% natural ingredients.


My love for this Rituals Aftersun is big. I also use it just as a body lotion. The smell, the cold feeling, everything is just perfection. Give it a try if you walk by a Rituals store!


Have a nice day everybody, with love Irina ♡
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Face Oil

Hello everyone,

It happens, we all become older. And despite the fact that I am only 23 I already started to take more care of my skin (face) then when I was 16. Because you know its all about keeping those wrinkes and dry skin away for the next ten years to come. L’Oreal recently launched a new face oil called Extraordinary Facial oil. They say that youre just three drops away from a perfect complexion/skin. And so it happened, I burned my face the first day in the sun (lack of SPF) and thought I need some oil or serum to help me to recover my rudolf the reindeer nose. I walked into the Etos and found the oil for a try-out price, I thought why not? And so it happened, now after a few days of using I thought I owned you a review. I understand that face oils can be a bit scary if you already have an oily skintype, but oil on oil works perfectly. Most of the times your skin gets oily because it lacks nourishment. This face oil will nourish your skin for sure! I have very dry skin and it works wonders for me. I do not use it everyday because that is too much for my liking but every other day works wonders for me. Just give it a try, and this shizz will help your skin to be nourished and it will help you after you have burned yourself in the sun!

Loreal extraordinary oil

Hope to see you soon on this blog again! With love, Irina


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Fragrance mist, easy and low cost

Hello everyone,

Now spring has arrived I thought it would be a good time to talk about fragance mists or body mists as I say. We almost all have experienced the itchiness of our neck when wearing parfume in the summertime and the sun shining on it. Parfume and sun is not a good combination, your skin can show of an allergic reaction if it is exposed to sunlight. It is not really good for your skin and it itches like (you name it). So I have a better option, wear fragrance mists! There are a lot of advantages of wearing a fragrance mist in summer, and also the whole year round. First of all fragrance mists smell most of the time the same as the parfume only they do not linger around as long as the parfume. How can this be an advantage? The parfume has been watered down so you never oversmell of too much parfume! Fragrance mists are way more cheap then the actual parfume, for students like me this is a good tip to save money all year round. If you want to smell nice, buy a fragrance mist instead of the expensive parfume. Fragrance mists do not itch in the sun, because of a lighter consistency then a normal parfum you can wear out in the open sun! For me a fragrance mist is a must have in my beach bag.

I will share with you my two most beloved brands who do amazing fragrance mists and my favourte scent thereof. Victoria’s secret does the most amazing fragrance mists, my favourite one is pure seduction. It has red plum & freesia in it. Everytime I spritz some mist on myself it feels like I am on a beach. It smells so fresh and nice, definitely worth a try! And the Body Shop knows how to do a good fragrance mist, the scent tends to hang around for quite a while also! Good worth for your money. My favourite scent is the new one from the Red Musk line. It has a really nice warm scent and it makes you feel sexy instantly.IMG_20150326_095757 (1)

Buy yourself a fragrance mist & you will smell amazing on the beach!

See you there! With love Irina.

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