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Wednesday’s Finest

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a week since I last posted! But I have a good excuse, I was in France for a beautiful wedding of my cousin. The wedding feast lasted for three days! If you want to see some pictures head over to my Instagram account to take a sneak peak into my adventures in France. You also may notice that the website is going through some changes. This week there will be taken some new photo’s for the website and the lay-out will change. Keep your eyes pealed!

Today I will discuss my favorites of the last month and new discoveries with you in my Wednesday’s Finest!

1. My favorite perfume of the last month is Escada’s Turqouise Summer. Let me tell you, Escada knows how to rock summer scents!

2. My favorite nailpolish of this month will come as no surprise and it is the Rimmel London Ring a Ring O’Roses. This light pink makes every outfit perfect!

3. My favorite Youtuber and new discovery is Alix. Her youtube channel is icovetthee, this girl is so gorgeous she looks like Scarlett Johansson. I would love to meet her one day.

4.This month Mike surprised me and bought our first Lonely planet! It is the lonely planet about Hawaii. When reading this book I cannot wait to go, let the counting begin.

Lonely Planet Hawaii

5.With the lonely planet surprise came another gift from mike, he bought us a ‘treasure chest‘ in which we can collect our items we find on our trip. We already filled it with a necklace from Ibiza and a stone from Elba.

Treasure chest

6. My favorite outfit of this month comes from H&M.

H&M outfit

7. There have been quite a few events last month and those were all weddings. I loved them all so much, a wedding is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. Here is a picture of me and my cousins at her wedding last week in France.

Wedding France

8. Now summer is officially here I do not like to wear foundation, that is why the BodyShop BB cream is my favorite make-up item this month.

Bodyshop BB cream

9. My favorite Style Icon of this month is Whitney Port. Ever since the Hills started I loved her. I rewatched the City a hundred times, and still today she is an inspiration to me!

10. My favorite summer holiday is Ibiza, maybe, maybe we go again this summer. Fingers crossed!

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Have a great day, with love Irina

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KOH cosmetics, Your hand as your business card

Hello everyone,

I don’t know what has happened but lately my hands look like I work with chemicals and water all day everyday. I did not care that much about great looking hands until a few weeks ago when they started to look disheveled. It just doesn’t look really nice. With at least (6)!! weddings this summer coming up and that involves a lot of handshaking I thought it was about time to do something about my hands & nails. I have never ever done my nails at a salon before and I knew that I did not want to have fake nails or gel nails. I want pure nature, and for the state my nails are in now I thought that gel nails was’t a good idea either. Gel nails stop your nails from getting fresh air and makes them really dry. But hey, if you do it once in a while it is OK and we all love a glow over our nails, the one that gel nails give. But I decided I wanted a normal french manicure and a nourishing treatment for my hands. So that was that, I knew one place in the Bijenkorf from Koh who has a nailbar. The BIjenkorf is a warehouse like Space NK and Liberty in the UK. The reason why I chose Koh to do my nails is because they use all natural ingredients and they do inexpensive french manicure. I sat for about 45 minutes and they filed, did my cuticles and used different oils and handcremes and a little hand massage including a whole french manicure for only 27,50 euro’s!! KOH got inspired by the incredible wealth of the Japanese way of life and rituals. Their philosophy is based on the body and soul, which are closely connected. I can connect with their philosophy.

My nails are ready now for the 1th wedding of all weddings this summer. I am ready to shake hands! I am so happy with the result and the way my hands look now! If you ask for it they will give you advice on your type of hands too! It was a very useful experience.

Koh nails cosmeticsEnjoy your day, with love Irina

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Nailpolish, from zero to addict!

Hello everyone,

If you ask my friends if I would ever wear nailpolish in the past, they will tell you that I was allergic to it. I would never ever wear nailpolish until one year ago. And I must admit I completely understand the reason why you would wear it! I am officially on the nailpolish banwagon these days! In the beginning it was hard to actually put it on, it was everywhere… But after practicing for a while now, I am starting to be good at it. But still, you will never find nailpolish on my toes. Maybe in a few years from now.. ;).

I wanted to share my current favourites with you.


I have spoken about these Rimmel London ones before in my festival essentials post. But the formula of these is a-ma-zing! One coat is enough and they feel like gel nails, they won’t chip for at least four days I promise! My favourite colours are Bestival Blue and Neon Fest.

On the left side there are my current Essie favourites of this time. I love the left one called need-a-vacation which is a perfect colour for a wedding for example. The right colour is essie’s she’s-pampered. A perfect pinky red for a day at the beach!

Enjoy the polishing girls!

With love, Irina♡

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Festival Essentials

Hello everyone,

Festival season is almost here, so I thought it would the right time to tell you about my festival essentials. Recently there have been many new interesting launches which caught my eye and I found them very useful to bring them to a festival. This summer I will go to Solar festival it is on my birthday so I thought it would be fun to celebrate it together with my friends at a festival. I love festivals and camping together is so much fun. But ofcourse the downside is at a festival you normally get (really) dirty and there is not always the opportunity to have a good shower like you have at home. Here are some tips and tricks to still look fabolous without an everyday shower session.


First tip: Wear nailpolish! I find nothing as dirty as dirty nails. Recently Rimmel London has teamed up with Rita Ora and they came out with an awesome collection of nailpolishes. My favourite one is a light blue called Bestival Blue and a neon pink called Neon Fest. ( I will write a whole blopgost on my current favourite nailpolishes this sunday 12 April)

The second essential are face wipes. Ofcourse it is better to wash your face but you know, sometimes when the party ends really late or you just had one drink to much, face wipes are the ultimate must have for camping. Use ones that don’t sting your eyes, and use a few. With face wipes the tip is to use enough, the more the better to make sure your make-up will be off your face instead of smudged out.

Third essential is a bright lipstick, it makes your tired ‘danced-to-much-until-too-late’ face look more awake. My favourite bright lipstick at the moment is L’oreal Color Riche No. 132 Magnolia Irreverent. It is a lipstick and a nourishing balm in one.

Talking about a tired face and dark circles I have found the perfect foundation for the festival season. Sweat proof, not cakey and it gives you a natural glow. And last but not least it covers your dark circles. It is the L’Oreal Infallible 24H stay fresh foundation. I am in the colour Golden Beige at the moment. First of all the smell of this foundation smells like you have just washed your face which is awesome and secondly it doesn’t have that mask effect!

A good mascara is a must have at a festival. I used to use waterproof mascara’s but they really damage my lashes so I use non-waterproof these days. But I have found the perfect combination of mascara’s that give my lashes volume and length and will stay on when sweating the day away at a festival. It is the Maxfactor Masterpiece transform & the Maxfactor Masterpiece high definition mascara. This combination will give you va-va-voom lashes!

At last everyone needs a little bit of parfum or a nice spritz of something smelling nice after too many dancing. I recently got the mini sizes of the rituals parfum from my mother. I love all of them. They are so mini they will fit in every handbag or even the pocket of your jeans. It is parfum, so the smell also last long!


I don’t like, and I just don’t have the time at a festival to wear much make-up. But with a bright lip, a good cover-up, coloured nails and a good mascara I feel like a newborn dancing queen! 

If you have some extra room in your bag, bring the Aussie Mircale Hairspray Volume & Hold. This stuff does miracles and makes your hair go wild!

Enjoy your festivals this summer & hope to see you at Solar!

With love, Irina

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