Hello everyone!

Since I dyed my hair blond again last week (for photo’s check instagram @irinavannamen) I thought it was about time to post something hair related. Normally your hair gets dryer during the summertime. Now my hair is blond again I really need to take care of it, because the dying damages your hair. My hair has to suffer a lot especially when I am in the water the whole summer kitesurfing with a lot of sun and salt water. I have medium to long hair and things can get very knotty! I use the tangle teezer (brush) to get all the knots out and it leaves all the hairs in my head. It really is my holy grail brush.

Lately I have discoverd the perfect shampoo, conditioner and mask from Dove. Dove has launched a whole new haircare line at the beginning of this year. At first I was a little bit scared to try it, because I associate Dove with cream and I am an I-want-my-hair-crispy-clean kind of girl. I was scared that the Dove products would leave my hair not feeling that clean. Because of work, swimming and surfing I wash my hair every day so therefore I use conditioner everyday too. I tried the Dove products and I was blown away. Not only was my hair super soft it had a lot of volume too.The smell of the whole range is awesome, I especially love the Dove Oxygen range and the Dove Hair Therapy damage solutions in Split Ends Rescue. This stuff is amazeballs.. If you have dry hair try this one together with the mask and I promise you your hail feels better in one week already. The good thing of it all is that the Dove products are not expensive.


Now lets talk about things after washing. My first ever beauty product which I still use everyday is the Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive which nourishes and detangles my hair. I cannot live without it, I have used it since I was around 13 untill now and my mom does too! It has saved many hairs from being ripped out of my head, so Gliss Kur I owe you! For some extra nourishing I use the L’oreal Ever Riche Absolute Oil and the Dove Therapy leave in conditioner. Both of them do not make your hair feeling creasy.


I know everyone has a different hairtype and washing routine but I hope you find the information helplfull and definitely try out the Dove hair range, there is surely something in it for you!

Enjoy your weekend, with love Irina

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