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Things can get hot!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another bright and delightful day and it is time for another blogpost.
Today things can get hot on momentofhappiness, I will talk about deodorant!
I am, like almost all people scared as ‘idontknow’ to smell, when my friends and I were clubbing and we were dancing and sweating we always asked the question to eachother; ‘Do I smell?’ a thousand times. I used to use spray deodorants, I loved the strong AXE ones, even the mens version. Spray deodorants can be very irritating for the skin, the percentage of alcohol is very high in spray deodorants. I found that after using a spray deodorant you smell awesome for two hours, like you just came out of the shower but after two hours it smells rubbish and it does not help preventing sweating at all.

Since one month I started using roll-on deodorant, you might think; Ieww that is very unclean. I put my roll-on deodorant on after I shower every morning and I noticed that I only have to apply it once or maybe twice a day and it prevents me from sweating all day. The difference is so remarkable that I had to share it with you. Roll-on deodorant does not sting your skin, it prevents sweating more than I ever experienced and you do not smell at all. I have a couple of roll-on deodorants know and I wanted to share my two favorites with you.


Tip: Make sure to wash your armpits well when you shower after using the roll-on deodorant. The roll-on can leave a little bit of residu on the skin and you do not want to glog your pores.

I hope you have a wonderful day everybody, with love Irina

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New in!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share the stuff that I bought today on my little shopping spree! Some are a repurchase like the Rituals Aftersun and the Body Shop White Musk body mist. They are just the best for sunny days like we have now in the Netherlands. New in are the Body Shop eyecream and Rituals Lipliner.

All the purchases

I  bought a lipliner at the Rituals store. Rituals make up is made of natural ingredients and it is free of animal testing. That is reason enough to buy some of the rituals make up. The lipliner is called arrogant and is a nice ruby red, it stays and does not stray! Yay!

The orange bottle is a Happy Buddha showergel which I got given as a present because I spent over a thirty euros. I had this showergel before and it smells fresh like oranges. Perfect to use for a good wake up call during your morning shower.

I also bought the Body Shop Nutriganics eye cream. I have had the aloe vera eye defence before from the Body Shop but that is more for sensitive skin. When I was teaching kitesurfing all day in the water my skin and my eyes got really sensitive so I used the eye defence. Now I spend most of my days behind the computer and sometimes on the water I do not need the eye defence anymore. The Nutriganics smoothing eye cream is for people in their mid twenties who are starting to get fine lines. This eye cream is there to prevent fine lines and the first symptoms of getting older. The smoothing eye cream is made of 98% natural ingredients.


My love for this Rituals Aftersun is big. I also use it just as a body lotion. The smell, the cold feeling, everything is just perfection. Give it a try if you walk by a Rituals store!


Have a nice day everybody, with love Irina ♡
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Festival Survival Tips

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that I went to a festival for my birthday(party). I went to Solar festival in the South of the Netherlands in Roermond. I went for three days with a total group of eight. When you are going to a weekend or festival you have to stay over at the festival camping. Here are my festival survival tips!

1 Pack light
Do not overpack. You have to carry a tent, an inflatable bed, a sleeping bag and a towel that is already heavy enough. Try to bring enough socks and underwear so you are clean for sure in those areas. Bring one sweater for the nighttime but bring only one outfit a day! You can wear your shorts the whole weekend, no problem!

2 Pack easy to carry bags
In the end how many or how less you pack it is always irritating to carry all your lugage from the bus to the camping area. In the summer it is hot, you get sweaty and if your stuff drops all the time you will be unhappy by the time you arrive at the camping. It does not matter how much you pack but pack easy to carry bags. Choose a backpack, or as I did a kitesurfbag and you will fit almost all your stuff in there. You put it on your back and your ready to go!

3 Help your friends and the other way around
Do you have a spare hand left? Does someone need help with putting their tent together? Help eachother! The sooner you are all ready to go to the party!

4 Bring mini size beauty related stuff 
Bring mini’s, mini shampoo or a two in one shampoo and bodywash and a mini toothpaste. It is so much easier to carry around. Also pack your liquids apart from your clothes, if they leak you have no clothes to wear.

5 Bring wipes, face, hand or body
This does not need much explanation. Festivals are dir to the tayyy. You get brown of dirt, beer and festival toilets. If you bring some wipes you feel refreshed and a lot better!

6 Bring something to sit on
This can be a towel or a mini-chair but after standing the whole day it is nice to relax in a seat or if you an sit on the floor before you go into bed or when you get out off bed.

7 Bring your breakfast or snack with you
After your first night of partying you wake up destroyed because you always party too hard the first night, it is just the excitement that has to go out I think. When the first morning arrives and the sun drives you out of your tent you want water and something to eat. Bring at least breakfast for the first morning with you. Some oatbars, apples, water or bread with spread. It will make the start of your day so much better. You do not have to stroll around to find some food in your clothes from yesterday with your hair all cray cray.

irina festival

8 Don’t mind getting dirty
When you are on a festival, you will get dirty. Do not be all Barbie like and freak out, that is not sexy. Grab a wipe, refresh your face and dance! I do not say that you should not think about your personal hygiene, there are showers on the camping and use them everyday! Wash your hands after you come from the festival toilet but do not overdo it.

9 Drink enough water

10 Bring cash money
Festival drinks and food are expensive. If you bring cash you will keep track of what youre spending. Make sure you hide your cash well enough if you leave it in the tent when you are going to the festival area.

Last but not least. ENJOY!

Hope you have a great summer everybody! With love, Irina

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I whitened my teeth

Hello everyone,

It finally happened, I whitened my teeth. Ever since my braces came off I wanted to whiten my teeth. It was not that my braces discolored my teeth that much, the real cause of a slight canary yellow was my enormous addiction to diet coke. I cannot live without having that nice brown juice every single day. From now on my addiction and love relationship with Coca Cola has to stop because I whitened my teeth. I will talk you trough the procedure, if it is painful and which food you can better avoid after you have whitened your teeth.

I went to the white smile company in The Hague. I could choose out of four different treatments, the basis treatment, the intensive treatment, the premium or the VIP treatment. I chose the premium treatment, this takes about 1,5 hour. First you have to brush your teeth with a special toothpaste. The procedure is really simple, you will get a brace in your mouth that keeps your mouth wide open. Then the clinical dentist spreads a paste on your teeth, the they put the ultra violet light on your teeth for 20 minutes and if you chose the premium treatment this procedure will be repeated three times. I will insert a clip which will give you all the information you need to know about whitening your teeth.

Lets talk about pain, is whitening your teeth painful? I would say no, it is rather annoying that you have to keep your mouth wide, and then I mean really wide, open for 1,5 hours but it is not painful. Your teeth feel quit dry and sensitive the first day but it it not painful either. If your experience was totally different that is fine, but mine was not painful only irritating…

If you want to keep the result after whitening for up to 1 or 2 years you have to avoid smoking, red wine, beetroot, soda’s, coffee and black tea as much as you can. I don’t smoke and never drunk a sip of coffee since an experiment in high school once so that is easy. However I love drinking soda’s and drinking red wine(s) so this part will be a lot harder. Now I think and I will try as hard as I can to stop drinking Coca Cola and red wine during the week. The weekends are ment to have fun so then I will eat and drink whatever I want! Sidenote, eat well before your treatment because after its done you cannot eat for three hours.

If you have any questions on whitening your teeth and my experience feel free to ask! And now the picture I took straight after I got my treatment done.


Have a nice day everyone, with love Irina.

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Wednesday’s Finest

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a week since I last posted! But I have a good excuse, I was in France for a beautiful wedding of my cousin. The wedding feast lasted for three days! If you want to see some pictures head over to my Instagram account to take a sneak peak into my adventures in France. You also may notice that the website is going through some changes. This week there will be taken some new photo’s for the website and the lay-out will change. Keep your eyes pealed!

Today I will discuss my favorites of the last month and new discoveries with you in my Wednesday’s Finest!

1. My favorite perfume of the last month is Escada’s Turqouise Summer. Let me tell you, Escada knows how to rock summer scents!

2. My favorite nailpolish of this month will come as no surprise and it is the Rimmel London Ring a Ring O’Roses. This light pink makes every outfit perfect!

3. My favorite Youtuber and new discovery is Alix. Her youtube channel is icovetthee, this girl is so gorgeous she looks like Scarlett Johansson. I would love to meet her one day.

4.This month Mike surprised me and bought our first Lonely planet! It is the lonely planet about Hawaii. When reading this book I cannot wait to go, let the counting begin.

Lonely Planet Hawaii

5.With the lonely planet surprise came another gift from mike, he bought us a ‘treasure chest‘ in which we can collect our items we find on our trip. We already filled it with a necklace from Ibiza and a stone from Elba.

Treasure chest

6. My favorite outfit of this month comes from H&M.

H&M outfit

7. There have been quite a few events last month and those were all weddings. I loved them all so much, a wedding is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. Here is a picture of me and my cousins at her wedding last week in France.

Wedding France

8. Now summer is officially here I do not like to wear foundation, that is why the BodyShop BB cream is my favorite make-up item this month.

Bodyshop BB cream

9. My favorite Style Icon of this month is Whitney Port. Ever since the Hills started I loved her. I rewatched the City a hundred times, and still today she is an inspiration to me!

10. My favorite summer holiday is Ibiza, maybe, maybe we go again this summer. Fingers crossed!

I hope you enjoyed the blog. Do not forget to subscribe to be up to date!

Have a great day, with love Irina

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Drugstore Haul, holiday edition

Hello everyone,

Because I planned to go on holiday I went to the drugstore to pick up some beauty essentials. As we speak I am in Italy now! Me and my boyfriend are in Italy for a week, we are doing a little roadtrip. From our house in the Hague we leave to Florence, which is a 14 hour ride. We will stay there for two days and then head off to Rome. After two days in Rome we will drive to Piombino a small town near Pisa where we have booked an appartment for two days to relax at the beach and enjoy a little rest moment!

Here I will show you the things I bought at the drugstore as my summer beauty essentials to take with me on holiday! On holidays I do not want to wear much make up, I just fill in my brows, put some mascara on, a little bronzer and lipgloss and I am ready to lay in the sun or stroll around the city of Rome in this case.

On my shopping spree I bought the Rimmel London Brow This Way in medium brown. I love that there is a brown wax and a brown powder in the packaging and the brush inside is very handy to make your eyebrows look like Cara Delevigne’s. The Lipgloss I bought is from L’oreal Paris just as my new bronzer is too. The lipgloss is from the xtreme resist line in No. 505 Never Let Me Go. It’s all in the name because you can literally eat, drink, kiss and your lipgloss is still on! It does not feel sticky, and it is a sheer lipgloss but it gives a ‘your lips but better’ idea. Back to the bronzer, I always used the Bourjouis bronzer the one that smells like chocolat, but it was time to try something new from the drugstore banwagon and the L’oreal Glambronze La Terra looked very appealing to me! The Glambronze has a nice touch of shimmer but it is not too much. Now I only need to get tanned! 


I got the Suncream and Aftersun from Rituals as a gift from my mother. I already used the aftersun because I burned myself while canoeing in Amsterdam. Yes that happens when you forgot to put on the suncream than you have to put on loaaads of aftersun. But the redness was gone in one day, love this aftersun! It smells amazing too!

IMG_20150609_154136[1]I also bought a new nailpolish, again a Rimmel one, but I just love Rimmel London’s nailpolishes. Sidenote, they do chip within a few days, but the colors are just so wonderful! I bought a light pink one in No. 262 Ring a Ring O’roses. After applying it your hands look so tanned already which is another bonus point! The shampoo and conditioner I bring with me are from the new line of John Frieda called BEACHBlonde. It is especially made for blond, tangly and vulnerable hair. The shampoo and conditioner both have a very minty scent which makes you feel extra refreshed. As my bodywash I brought my all time favorite and that is the Palmolive Aromatherapy relaxing douchegel. If you ever can, smell it! It is my all all all time favorite.  IMG_20150609_153954[1]I would love to hear what your summer beauty essentials are and where you are going on holiday! With love, Irina

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KOH cosmetics, Your hand as your business card

Hello everyone,

I don’t know what has happened but lately my hands look like I work with chemicals and water all day everyday. I did not care that much about great looking hands until a few weeks ago when they started to look disheveled. It just doesn’t look really nice. With at least (6)!! weddings this summer coming up and that involves a lot of handshaking I thought it was about time to do something about my hands & nails. I have never ever done my nails at a salon before and I knew that I did not want to have fake nails or gel nails. I want pure nature, and for the state my nails are in now I thought that gel nails was’t a good idea either. Gel nails stop your nails from getting fresh air and makes them really dry. But hey, if you do it once in a while it is OK and we all love a glow over our nails, the one that gel nails give. But I decided I wanted a normal french manicure and a nourishing treatment for my hands. So that was that, I knew one place in the Bijenkorf from Koh who has a nailbar. The BIjenkorf is a warehouse like Space NK and Liberty in the UK. The reason why I chose Koh to do my nails is because they use all natural ingredients and they do inexpensive french manicure. I sat for about 45 minutes and they filed, did my cuticles and used different oils and handcremes and a little hand massage including a whole french manicure for only 27,50 euro’s!! KOH got inspired by the incredible wealth of the Japanese way of life and rituals. Their philosophy is based on the body and soul, which are closely connected. I can connect with their philosophy.

My nails are ready now for the 1th wedding of all weddings this summer. I am ready to shake hands! I am so happy with the result and the way my hands look now! If you ask for it they will give you advice on your type of hands too! It was a very useful experience.

Koh nails cosmeticsEnjoy your day, with love Irina

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Face Oil

Hello everyone,

It happens, we all become older. And despite the fact that I am only 23 I already started to take more care of my skin (face) then when I was 16. Because you know its all about keeping those wrinkes and dry skin away for the next ten years to come. L’Oreal recently launched a new face oil called Extraordinary Facial oil. They say that youre just three drops away from a perfect complexion/skin. And so it happened, I burned my face the first day in the sun (lack of SPF) and thought I need some oil or serum to help me to recover my rudolf the reindeer nose. I walked into the Etos and found the oil for a try-out price, I thought why not? And so it happened, now after a few days of using I thought I owned you a review. I understand that face oils can be a bit scary if you already have an oily skintype, but oil on oil works perfectly. Most of the times your skin gets oily because it lacks nourishment. This face oil will nourish your skin for sure! I have very dry skin and it works wonders for me. I do not use it everyday because that is too much for my liking but every other day works wonders for me. Just give it a try, and this shizz will help your skin to be nourished and it will help you after you have burned yourself in the sun!

Loreal extraordinary oil

Hope to see you soon on this blog again! With love, Irina


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Spring lovin’ TAG

Hello everyone!

Today I thought it was a good day to do a Spring Tag. This basically means that you answer a bunch of questions who are made by someone else. Feel free to do the Tag yourself if you want to! Read all about my Spring essentials below.

1. Spring lipstick you’re loving?
Lately there have been so many new lipstick launches that I became a little bit overwhelmed by all of them. Maybe I will try them out later. For now I stick to one of my all time favourites and that is Chanel Rouge Coco shine in Boy No 54, it is a sheer pink lip colour and the lipstick is very nourishing! For a bright colour I chose Rimmel Londons Heart Breaker in No 16.

2. Spring nail polish you’re loving?
This spring the trend is to wear pastel colours who almost seem to be white. There is a huge rave on the NailsInc New Whites, but those are not available in the drugstores in the Netherlands so I have found some dupes. The Loreal Color Riche in Nouvelle Vague No. 851 is a very nice white purple colour and Rimmel Londons Pillow Talk No. 853 is the perfect minty green white

New white nailpolish

3. Style you’re loving this Spring?
Everything white, or better white and lace. And I am loving crop tops at the moment with high waisted shorts or jeans. Oh, and distressed jeans and fringes. Anything hippy actually, I have always loved this style, so this spring and summer it is time to let the inner hippy out!

4. Favourite Spring Drink?
SANGRIA, for sure for ever and always. Oh and don’t forget to eat the fruit, the alcohol is in there!

5. Favourite holiday place to go to in Spring?
France, I can’t remember not going to France, (Bourgogne) in April. Its just the feeling, the mountains, the grass fields, the red wine and the bagguettes I think.

6. Favourite Spring song?
I am a singer-songwriter softy. If a guitar is involved I love it. But anything rap from Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and urban from Rihanna will put me in a gangster-rides-with-window-open sunny mood.

7. Favourite Spring accessory?
Rings, but I keep losing them so I choose Necklaces. I love this long necklace of WE I bought last year.

Necklace spring accessoires

8. Favourite Spring fragrance/perfume?
Body Shop White Musk in Sun Glow. I love the Musk line of the Body Shop the smell is amazing! I also love Alien from Thierry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium and Belle D’Opium.

9. Spring book you’re loving?
Anything Chick Flick related. I just finished the Summer at the Lake from Erica James. Amazing Book. I love everything Jill Mansell too. When it comes to spring and summer I don’t like to read serious books, I need a book with a romantic swung to it. Like all the books of Nicolas Sparks and they read easily while lying on the beach.

10. What are you most excited to do this Spring?
This spring I will finish my last course at school ever. I am very exited for that, but it is also bittersweet, after this course I will never ever have class again. I am sure going to miss it! I am excited for some more spare time with friends and bonfires and BBQ’s at the beach!

Have a nice day! With love, Irina

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Summer Hair, covering my first beauty product ever!

Hello everyone!

Since I dyed my hair blond again last week (for photo’s check instagram @irinavannamen) I thought it was about time to post something hair related. Normally your hair gets dryer during the summertime. Now my hair is blond again I really need to take care of it, because the dying damages your hair. My hair has to suffer a lot especially when I am in the water the whole summer kitesurfing with a lot of sun and salt water. I have medium to long hair and things can get very knotty! I use the tangle teezer (brush) to get all the knots out and it leaves all the hairs in my head. It really is my holy grail brush.

Lately I have discoverd the perfect shampoo, conditioner and mask from Dove. Dove has launched a whole new haircare line at the beginning of this year. At first I was a little bit scared to try it, because I associate Dove with cream and I am an I-want-my-hair-crispy-clean kind of girl. I was scared that the Dove products would leave my hair not feeling that clean. Because of work, swimming and surfing I wash my hair every day so therefore I use conditioner everyday too. I tried the Dove products and I was blown away. Not only was my hair super soft it had a lot of volume too.The smell of the whole range is awesome, I especially love the Dove Oxygen range and the Dove Hair Therapy damage solutions in Split Ends Rescue. This stuff is amazeballs.. If you have dry hair try this one together with the mask and I promise you your hail feels better in one week already. The good thing of it all is that the Dove products are not expensive.


Now lets talk about things after washing. My first ever beauty product which I still use everyday is the Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive which nourishes and detangles my hair. I cannot live without it, I have used it since I was around 13 untill now and my mom does too! It has saved many hairs from being ripped out of my head, so Gliss Kur I owe you! For some extra nourishing I use the L’oreal Ever Riche Absolute Oil and the Dove Therapy leave in conditioner. Both of them do not make your hair feeling creasy.


I know everyone has a different hairtype and washing routine but I hope you find the information helplfull and definitely try out the Dove hair range, there is surely something in it for you!

Enjoy your weekend, with love Irina

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