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Welcome to another bright and delightful day and it is time for another blogpost.
Today things can get hot on momentofhappiness, I will talk about deodorant!
I am, like almost all people scared as ‘idontknow’ to smell, when my friends and I were clubbing and we were dancing and sweating we always asked the question to eachother; ‘Do I smell?’ a thousand times. I used to use spray deodorants, I loved the strong AXE ones, even the mens version. Spray deodorants can be very irritating for the skin, the percentage of alcohol is very high in spray deodorants. I found that after using a spray deodorant you smell awesome for two hours, like you just came out of the shower but after two hours it smells rubbish and it does not help preventing sweating at all.

Since one month I started using roll-on deodorant, you might think; Ieww that is very unclean. I put my roll-on deodorant on after I shower every morning and I noticed that I only have to apply it once or maybe twice a day and it prevents me from sweating all day. The difference is so remarkable that I had to share it with you. Roll-on deodorant does not sting your skin, it prevents sweating more than I ever experienced and you do not smell at all. I have a couple of roll-on deodorants know and I wanted to share my two favorites with you.


Tip: Make sure to wash your armpits well when you shower after using the roll-on deodorant. The roll-on can leave a little bit of residu on the skin and you do not want to glog your pores.

I hope you have a wonderful day everybody, with love Irina

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