Hello everyone,

If you ask my friends if I would ever wear nailpolish in the past, they will tell you that I was allergic to it. I would never ever wear nailpolish until one year ago. And I must admit I completely understand the reason why you would wear it! I am officially on the nailpolish banwagon these days! In the beginning it was hard to actually put it on, it was everywhere… But after practicing for a while now, I am starting to be good at it. But still, you will never find nailpolish on my toes. Maybe in a few years from now.. ;).

I wanted to share my current favourites with you.


I have spoken about these Rimmel London ones before in my festival essentials post. But the formula of these is a-ma-zing! One coat is enough and they feel like gel nails, they won’t chip for at least four days I promise! My favourite colours are Bestival Blue and Neon Fest.

On the left side there are my current Essie favourites of this time. I love the left one called need-a-vacation which is a perfect colour for a wedding for example. The right colour is essie’s she’s-pampered. A perfect pinky red for a day at the beach!

Enjoy the polishing girls!

With love, Irina♡

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