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It finally happened, I whitened my teeth. Ever since my braces came off I wanted to whiten my teeth. It was not that my braces discolored my teeth that much, the real cause of a slight canary yellow was my enormous addiction to diet coke. I cannot live without having that nice brown juice every single day. From now on my addiction and love relationship with Coca Cola has to stop because I whitened my teeth. I will talk you trough the procedure, if it is painful and which food you can better avoid after you have whitened your teeth.

I went to the white smile company in The Hague. I could choose out of four different treatments, the basis treatment, the intensive treatment, the premium or the VIP treatment. I chose the premium treatment, this takes about 1,5 hour. First you have to brush your teeth with a special toothpaste. The procedure is really simple, you will get a brace in your mouth that keeps your mouth wide open. Then the clinical dentist spreads a paste on your teeth, the they put the ultra violet light on your teeth for 20 minutes and if you chose the premium treatment this procedure will be repeated three times. I will insert a clip which will give you all the information you need to know about whitening your teeth.

Lets talk about pain, is whitening your teeth painful? I would say no, it is rather annoying that you have to keep your mouth wide, and then I mean really wide, open for 1,5 hours but it is not painful. Your teeth feel quit dry and sensitive the first day but it it not painful either. If your experience was totally different that is fine, but mine was not painful only irritating…

If you want to keep the result after whitening for up to 1 or 2 years you have to avoid smoking, red wine, beetroot, soda’s, coffee and black tea as much as you can. I don’t smoke and never drunk a sip of coffee since an experiment in high school once so that is easy. However I love drinking soda’s and drinking red wine(s) so this part will be a lot harder. Now I think and I will try as hard as I can to stop drinking Coca Cola and red wine during the week. The weekends are ment to have fun so then I will eat and drink whatever I want! Sidenote, eat well before your treatment because after its done you cannot eat for three hours.

If you have any questions on whitening your teeth and my experience feel free to ask! And now the picture I took straight after I got my treatment done.


Have a nice day everyone, with love Irina.

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