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Festival season is almost here, so I thought it would the right time to tell you about my festival essentials. Recently there have been many new interesting launches which caught my eye and I found them very useful to bring them to a festival. This summer I will go to Solar festival it is on my birthday so I thought it would be fun to celebrate it together with my friends at a festival. I love festivals and camping together is so much fun. But ofcourse the downside is at a festival you normally get (really) dirty and there is not always the opportunity to have a good shower like you have at home. Here are some tips and tricks to still look fabolous without an everyday shower session.


First tip: Wear nailpolish! I find nothing as dirty as dirty nails. Recently Rimmel London has teamed up with Rita Ora and they came out with an awesome collection of nailpolishes. My favourite one is a light blue called Bestival Blue and a neon pink called Neon Fest. ( I will write a whole blopgost on my current favourite nailpolishes this sunday 12 April)

The second essential are face wipes. Ofcourse it is better to wash your face but you know, sometimes when the party ends really late or you just had one drink to much, face wipes are the ultimate must have for camping. Use ones that don’t sting your eyes, and use a few. With face wipes the tip is to use enough, the more the better to make sure your make-up will be off your face instead of smudged out.

Third essential is a bright lipstick, it makes your tired ‘danced-to-much-until-too-late’ face look more awake. My favourite bright lipstick at the moment is L’oreal Color Riche No. 132 Magnolia Irreverent. It is a lipstick and a nourishing balm in one.

Talking about a tired face and dark circles I have found the perfect foundation for the festival season. Sweat proof, not cakey and it gives you a natural glow. And last but not least it covers your dark circles. It is the L’Oreal Infallible 24H stay fresh foundation. I am in the colour Golden Beige at the moment. First of all the smell of this foundation smells like you have just washed your face which is awesome and secondly it doesn’t have that mask effect!

A good mascara is a must have at a festival. I used to use waterproof mascara’s but they really damage my lashes so I use non-waterproof these days. But I have found the perfect combination of mascara’s that give my lashes volume and length and will stay on when sweating the day away at a festival. It is the Maxfactor Masterpiece transform & the Maxfactor Masterpiece high definition mascara. This combination will give you va-va-voom lashes!

At last everyone needs a little bit of parfum or a nice spritz of something smelling nice after too many dancing. I recently got the mini sizes of the rituals parfum from my mother. I love all of them. They are so mini they will fit in every handbag or even the pocket of your jeans. It is parfum, so the smell also last long!


I don’t like, and I just don’t have the time at a festival to wear much make-up. But with a bright lip, a good cover-up, coloured nails and a good mascara I feel like a newborn dancing queen! 

If you have some extra room in your bag, bring the Aussie Mircale Hairspray Volume & Hold. This stuff does miracles and makes your hair go wild!

Enjoy your festivals this summer & hope to see you at Solar!

With love, Irina

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