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Because I planned to go on holiday I went to the drugstore to pick up some beauty essentials. As we speak I am in Italy now! Me and my boyfriend are in Italy for a week, we are doing a little roadtrip. From our house in the Hague we leave to Florence, which is a 14 hour ride. We will stay there for two days and then head off to Rome. After two days in Rome we will drive to Piombino a small town near Pisa where we have booked an appartment for two days to relax at the beach and enjoy a little rest moment!

Here I will show you the things I bought at the drugstore as my summer beauty essentials to take with me on holiday! On holidays I do not want to wear much make up, I just fill in my brows, put some mascara on, a little bronzer and lipgloss and I am ready to lay in the sun or stroll around the city of Rome in this case.

On my shopping spree I bought the Rimmel London Brow This Way in medium brown. I love that there is a brown wax and a brown powder in the packaging and the brush inside is very handy to make your eyebrows look like Cara Delevigne’s. The Lipgloss I bought is from L’oreal Paris just as my new bronzer is too. The lipgloss is from the xtreme resist line in No. 505 Never Let Me Go. It’s all in the name because you can literally eat, drink, kiss and your lipgloss is still on! It does not feel sticky, and it is a sheer lipgloss but it gives a ‘your lips but better’ idea. Back to the bronzer, I always used the Bourjouis bronzer the one that smells like chocolat, but it was time to try something new from the drugstore banwagon and the L’oreal Glambronze La Terra looked very appealing to me! The Glambronze has a nice touch of shimmer but it is not too much. Now I only need to get tanned! 


I got the Suncream and Aftersun from Rituals as a gift from my mother. I already used the aftersun because I burned myself while canoeing in Amsterdam. Yes that happens when you forgot to put on the suncream than you have to put on loaaads of aftersun. But the redness was gone in one day, love this aftersun! It smells amazing too!

IMG_20150609_154136[1]I also bought a new nailpolish, again a Rimmel one, but I just love Rimmel London’s nailpolishes. Sidenote, they do chip within a few days, but the colors are just so wonderful! I bought a light pink one in No. 262 Ring a Ring O’roses. After applying it your hands look so tanned already which is another bonus point! The shampoo and conditioner I bring with me are from the new line of John Frieda called BEACHBlonde. It is especially made for blond, tangly and vulnerable hair. The shampoo and conditioner both have a very minty scent which makes you feel extra refreshed. As my bodywash I brought my all time favorite and that is the Palmolive Aromatherapy relaxing douchegel. If you ever can, smell it! It is my all all all time favorite.  IMG_20150609_153954[1]I would love to hear what your summer beauty essentials are and where you are going on holiday! With love, Irina

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