Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, welcome to my daily life. I am Irina van Namen a 28 year old girl from the Netherlands. This blog, Moment of Happiness will consist of things that make me and you happy. I will also write about things that we can think about and take with us in our daily lives.. The ‘things’ I talk about can be fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travelling, my days in the water as I love to (kite)surf, books, films and some selfwritten short stories just to swoon the day away. I have a passion for writing, and life as we grow into it. As I grew up with my friends around me I experienced how great life can be, but like everybody I also have experienced some less fun periods. My goal with this blog is to put a smile on your face, talk together about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I want to provide a platform to give each other tips, to talk about products & clothes, places you & I have travelled and so on. If you have any questions, recommendations, or want to come in contact with me, you can find the details on my contact page on this blog.

I want to make the world a happier place for everybody, so I hope this blog puts a smile on your face! Enjoy reading, scrolling and join me on this ride!

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