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Top ten.. Youtubers!

Hello everyone,

Welkom back at my blog, today it is all about my top ten Youtubers I love watching. I started watching beauty videos and following youtubers around five years ago. I have been watching most of the people listed below for as long as I watch Youtube. Who hasn’t started watching beauty videos of Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21? These two sisters where one of the first girls who become famous and rich because of doing Youtube videos! I still like the Fowler sisters but these are my top ten Youtubers I love watching right now.

The people I watch today are moslty people from the United Kingdom and some people from the U.S.

  1. Fleur de Force from Fleurdeforce and Fleurdevlog
    Fleur is just a mega babe, and a hard working girl! It is so cool to see how much she has achieved in the last years. She has written a book and she just released her own make-up line. Fleur is lives in the countryside of the United Kingdom but she also has an appartment in London. She travels a lot for work, and vlogs every other month every single day! With 3 dogs, 2 cats a great husband who features a lot in the vlogs too, and sometimes even vlogs for her Fleurs’ channel and vlogs are filled with good madness!
  2. Zoe Sugg from Zoella and Morezoella 
    With 9 million subscribers Zoe is one of the most famous Youtube stars in the world. She has achieved a lot you can say for sure. Zoe is very open about her life and all the stuff that happens in your twenties, that is why people can easily relate to her. Her vlogs are amazing to watch and perfect if you want to have a half an hour break from your day (mostly her vlogs are 30!! minutes, just amazing). With a bestseller book and another one coming out soon and two beauty ranges Zoe proved that Youtubers are true entrepeneurs! Zoe Sugg is based in Brighton, a pretty city at the Southern coastline of the United Kingdom.
  3. Claudia Sulewski, from Claudia Sulewski
    Claudia is one of the Youtubers I watched from the beginning, and at the time she just started Youtube. She has grown a lot since! From a high school teenager to a hard working girl in Los Angeles. Claudia enjoys life with a funny twist and a great style! Her style is very inspirational and her fashion videos are to die for! She also has a vlogging channel which I do not watch often but every year around christmas time she puts up some fun vlogs at Beyondbeautystartv. 
  4. Ingrid Nilsen from Ingrid Nilsen and TheGridmonster
    Ingrid is amazing, and she is full of life lessons. On her main channel she puts up amazing beauty, fashion, food and home decor videos and on her second channel, which is also her vlogging channel Ingrid uploads life lessons videos called 5 minutes for us. This is game changing, every youtuber is constantly seeking for new content, Ingrid found it. In the 5 seconds for us videos Ingrid talks about problems in life in 5 minutes, this can be loss, jalousy, stress, anxiety and so on. She inspires me every single time! Ingrid is also based in Los Angeles and sometimes, whenever she wants she decides to stay in New York for a while.
  5. Amelia Liana, username is also Amelia Liana
    Amelia, there is just no one like her. I love her, she is so generous and kind in her videos. Amelia has one channel on which she uploads all her videos including her vlogs. But the main reason you should follow her is because she is so funny and not scared to make fun of herself. Amelia takes the best Instagram pictures ever (those outfits though, my goodness they are beaut). Follow her Instagram @amelialiana. Amelia is based in London.
  6. Lily Pebbles username is also Lily Pebbles
    Lily is also London based, very recently she got engaged and moved in together with her boyfriend. Lily knows how to do Youtube. If you want honest opinions, great content and footage go over to Lily’s channel. Lily also has only one channel on which she both upload her vlogs and beauty videos. Lily knows all the best spots there are in London and she takes you with her on her trips to all the best restaurants and places in and around London in her vlogs. I don’t have anything else to say that Lily is just one of my favorite Youtubers of all time! P.s. her weekly vlogs are worth waiting for every tuesday.
  7. Vivianna, or Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup
    Anna just moved to Brighton where she lives together with her boyfriend. Anna is the best friend of Lily, together they are the best besties you can imagine. They make very fun footage together. Anna has an amazing blog as does Lily too but I admire her so much for putting up a blog everyday and her writing style is sooo good! Her Youtube channel is also very organized, perfect, never a dull video with Anna. She goes for it the full 100% and deserves all the support in the world! Anna used to do weekly vlogs every week which where awesome but now they are missing a little bit. But hey, you can still follow her in her everyday life stories on her blog!
  8. Estee Lalonde, from Estee Lalonde and EverydayEstee
    Estee is the best friend of Amelia. Estee is just Estee, there is no other like her. Her vlogs are a perfect escape of the day, the way how she loves her dog Reggie is heartwarming and her boyfriend features a lot in her videos as well.
  9. Alfie Deyes, Pointlessblog and Pointlessblogvlogs
    Alfie is the only guy youtuber I am following. He is one of the most well-known vloggers in the world!  With two books, a lot of merchandise and a wax figure of him and his girlfriend Zoe (which I mentioned at point 2) in Madame Tussaud in London you can say he has succeeded in his Youtube career! Alfie has a main channel, which I sometimes follow but mostly I watch his everyday vlogs. Could you imagine filming every day of your life? He does the most funny things for the camera and he is obsessed with weird gadgets which makes his videos very funny!
  10. Niomi Smart from Niomi Smart
    Niomi is a beautiful girl who lives in London. I love Niomi’s healthy eating and working out videos. Since a while Niomi tries to eat vegan, and she has come up with so many fun and delicious recepies. If you are in for a healthy vibe, go over to Niomi’s channel.

In the last months I discovered some other channels which I also really love!

  1. Freddy My Love
  2. Inthefrow
  3. Icovetthee

Go check them out and show #teaminternet some support! Have a great day, with love Irina♡
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Quick bites (for at work)

Hello everyone,

I just started working at an office which I am really exited about. The only thing that concerned me when started working was eating healthy. I can be that very lazy person who will spend her (lunch)breaks in the canteen/cafetaria. I am a 100%  motivated to avoid that! Today I will share with you my quick bites which don’t even require a knife or a vork. These quick bites will keep you full and be able to live a healty lifestyle at work.

1. A good breakfast is key, if you start the day with something filling like oats and grains it will help you to feel awake, energized and full. Ready to start the day! I usually start the day with a bowl of oats with some low fat yoghurt. Another tip is to take time for your breakfast if you have trouble with eating in the morning because it is better to have breakfast than not to.


2. Fruits & Veggies. Take a tupperware box with you or something you can keep your fruit and vegetables in. Take fruit and vegetables with you that you love to eat, then you are more likely to actually eat them during the day. I brought some cherry tomatoes and some grapes.


3. Lets go nuts. Nuts are full of vitamins and will give you energy. You only need a handful to keep yourself healthy and fit. My choice of nuts are walnuts and cashews nuts.

cashew nuts

4. Go back in the day and make yourself happy with some raisins. As a kid I used to get raisins as a snack from my grandmother because it is a healthy snack. So why not use raisins as a snack when you are older? Raisins are full of vitamins, fibers and minerals.


5. When it is 4 o’clock I need a pick me up. Fruit, nuts and vegetables will not do at this point. That is where I need my bouillon, or cup of soup. The saltness wakes me up!


Have a nice day everybody. With love Irina ♡
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Five Fall Fashion Favorites

Hello everyone,

Since fall is approaching quickly I thought I would share with you my five fall fashion favorites. I just got a proper 9 to 6 job so I have to wear neat clothes everyday and look perfectly chique. I am lucky that this fall/winter trend of 2015 is very chique and neat too. Long coats, turtlenecks, not too much crazy colours and a lot of suits and long skirts are the trend of this fall 2015. The fashion of this fall is very earthy toned. Grey, white, black, dark green and brown are the colours to stock in your wardrobe.

I love loafers, they are so easy to wear. Just slip in your feet and your done. You can buy them with or without a heel. You can wear your loafers under a skirt, dress or jeans, they will go with everything. Loafers are so comfortable you are good to go and ready to run to the office. I love these snake printed loafers on ASOS.

2. Suits
Suits are the fall trend of 2015. It does not matter which colour, high- or low waisted. A suit can look very sexy on women too, just find the right pair for you and a colour which suits your skintone. It is just perfect to change up your skirts and dresses with some nice pants for a while to wear to the office. This suit is perfect!

3. High waisted skirts
You can never go wrong with high waisted skirts, those extra winter pounds won’t show if you hide your belly in your skirt. Also a high waisted skirt looks very classy with some high heels and a blazer. Especially suede and button-up high waisted skirts are a must-have this fall. Take a look at this suede and button-up suede skirt.

4. All black all day everyday
If you would ask me to open my closet most you will see is black. I love black, and I also mostly wear black, all black.. I am not a dark person and I am not a Gothic but as a blond girl dark colours do look good with your hair. You can never go wrong with an all black outfit. All black looks serious and classy.

blake black
 love this all black outfit from Blake Lively.

5. Turtlenecks
Turtlenecks, you maybe think that is something your grandma used to wear. But turtlenecks are in. Turtlenecks makes it look like you stand up straight and they keep you warm on cold days. Choose turtleneck sweaters or shirts in standard colours so you can easily pair them with all kinds of jackets or blazers.

Enjoy fall fashion people. Have a nice day, with love Irina ♡
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